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 Full Coverage.
From a single camera to dozens of cameras, we can design a professional grade array to cover every angle at all times, day or night, simultaneously.

All Digital. Easy viewing and playback.
All video recorded by the cameras is stored on the hard disk of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Depending on the size of the DVR, recordings can be stored for several weeks to months at a time.  Playback is easily viewed from a separate monitor or through the TVs in your home or business.  Should it be necessary, viewing playback of pasts events is simple and quick, and the recordings can be easily captured and saved to separate storage devices such as an external hard drive or a flash thumb drive.

Remote access.
Through an internet connection, your camera system's views and recordings become accessible to you anywhere in the world from from your PC or Mac.  A secure, dedicated web address assigned to your system gives you access to viewing and playback even when you can't be at the property.  

You can even access your camera view on the go with your smart phone with the DigiMobile Touch app for iPhone, iPad, & Android. For more information on these mobile apps, click here.

IP Cameras.
Internet Protocol (IP) camera systems use the infrastructure of a computer network to transmit recorded video/audio to a central Network Video Recorder (NVR).  Each camera has its own unique IP address within the network and can be accessed and viewed remotely.  High -Megapixel IP cameras can capture video at very high resolutions for intense detail.  

Cloud Storage Options.
Save and view your recorded video in the cloud instead instead of onsite.  Receive real time event notifications and view multiple locations from a single login.