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Burglar & Fire Protection.
Adding an alarm system to you home or business is a great way to increase security and provide for peace of mind.  Adding an alarm system enhances not only the security of the property, but also adds value and may help lower your insurance premium.

NO CONTRACT monitoring service.
A monitored alarm reduces losses by calling the police or fire department automatically when the alarm is tripped - even if you are not at home.  Continuous monitoring service is available for all our alarm systems, and is provided on a no contract basis.  You are free to discontinue this service at anytime.  All alarm systems installed by AA&T are fully owned by the customer and not leased or tied to any prolonged service agreement.


Stay in constant contact and control of your  security with Total Connect 2.0 from Honeywell.
- Remote keypad access for arming and disarming/silencing
- Email and text message alerts
- Remote viewing of security cameras (see below)
- Z-wave Device Control of thermostats, lights, door locks, etc.


 Portable wireless cameras installed can be added to your Total Connect system giving you the ability to selectively stream video from anywhere using your phone or computer.  A variety of Total Connect cameras are available for indoor and outdoor use as well as those with pan/tilt/zoom features.
Receive video clips via email or text of events as they occur to keep track of your home or business. Total Connect video service is a simple way to keep an eye on things without going with a dedicated CCTV system. 

 Customized To Fit Your Needs.
We can cover everything from basic door and window switches, to dual-technology motion detectors, glass break sensors, smoke & heat detectors, and remote arming and monitoring.  We will inspect your property and give a free, written estimate outlining several options available in securing your property. 

Cellular/GSM Monitoring Services.
Independent cellular units can be installed to monitor the activity of the alarm system.  Cellular systems are great options for homes or businesses without a hard phone line.  They also can function as a backup system in the event of tampering or a loss of service to the main line.

Professional, Clean Installation.
Alarm systems are intended to be functional and reliable, obvious deterrents where necessary, but also compact and cleanly integrated within a property.  We take pride in our work of fulfilling your security needs while leaving behind a small footprint in the process.  We offer only the best equipment from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

1 Year Warranty.
All new systems come with a one year warranty on all components and installation work - Excluding Lightning Damage.